About the Campaign

Many industries, where women make up the vast majority of the workforce, are populated by profit-driven companies, which pay the world’s lowest wages and have the worst records for workplace protection.

Industries such as electronics, toys, entertainment, garment / fast-fashion and agriculture are all repeat offenders when it comes to dangerous and undignified working conditions, experienced by women first and foremost.

States as employers and responsible for protecting workers’s rights are not off-the-hook either. States must ensure women workers in the public, private and the informal sector have the protections guaranteed in labour laws. They must regulate, enforce and punish all employers who violate labour laws and women’s rights.

We have long reported on workers being denied minimum wage, secure employment, maternity or sick pay, injury insurance and compensation, being prevented from forming unions and collective bargaining and having no effective mechanisms to report violence, harassment or abuse, without risking losing their jobs. These are violations of workers’ rights and must stop.

Women working in the informal sector, such as street vendors, domestic workers, home-based workers receive little or no employment benefits at all and are even more susceptible to violence by a whole range of actors. Women workers in these sectors are workers and must be guaranteed their rights. 

Women also take on the huge burden of caring for elderly relatives, children and domestic chores. Women working at home, overwhelmed by unpaid care and domestic work, are being prevented from even entering the workforce and their economic security is nonexistent. This has to stop. States must meet their responsibilities to provide public services such as water, health, elder and child care to lessen women’s burden of care and domestic work